We try to make the festival as accessible as possible for all people and in this respect we are glad that many of our venues are arranged with low barriers. Please find more detailed information below. For further enquiries, please contact People who are dependent on an assisting person need a normal ticket for the Jazzweek concerts; the other person receives free admission to the concerts.

For tickets: People who are dependent on an assisting person (disabled ID card marked with “B”) need a normal ticket for the Jazzweek concerts; the other person receives free admission to the concerts. All other persons with a GdB (degree of disability) of 70 or more receive a reduced ticket. The ID must be shown at the entrance. (Note: The concerts in the Kölner Philharmonie are excluded from these ticket regulations).


The Artheater is accessible to wheelchair users at ground level. The restrooms usually provided for visitors are not barrier-free and can only be reached via stairs in the basement. However, there is an additional, spacious WC in the backstage area that is not open to the general public but may be used by wheelchair users. Due to the flexible seating, special seats can be arranged on request. In general disabled parking spaces are not available, but a parking space can be kept free in the courtyard if requested in advance.

Bumann & Sohn

The Bumann & Sohn is accessible for wheelchair users; please use the entrance via the outdoor gastronomic area. The entire venue is at ground level. A spacious disabled restroom is available. Disabled parking is not available. The room is generally unseated; special seating can be arranged on request.

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld (CBE) & YUCA

The Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld is located at ground level and is accessible for wheelchair users. A disabled WC is available. The other venue YUCA is located directly next door. The disabled WC of the CBE can also be used here. The floor in front of the entrance is partly gravel, but at least the paths to the different entrances are covered with wider wooden paths.

Christuskirche (Basement)

The Christuskirche is accessible for wheelchair users. Please use the entrance through the glass door to the right of the large staircase at the main entrance (on the sloping facade). There you can reach the basement and the (barrier-free) WCs on the ground floor as well as the main hall and the church on the first floor via a lift. Parking spaces for disabled persons are not available.


The Filmhaus is accessible to wheelchair users. There is an elevator to all floors. The cinema itself is accessible without steps and has two wheelchair spaces. The WC is also barrier-free. For the blind and visually impaired, there is a tactile guidance system in front of the building as well as Braille on railings and in the elevator. Visits with guide dogs are possible.

King Georg

The King Georg is accessible for wheelchair users (there is a very shallow step at the entrance). The restrooms are located exclusively in the basement and are therefore inaccessible when using a wheelchair. The venue does not have its own parking spaces.

Cologne Philharmonic Hall

The Kölner Philharmonie has a main entrance at ground level with no steps. Disabled WCs are available. Besides there are wheelchair-accessible elevators. Special seats for wheelchair users are provided in the concert hall. Access by car is possible directly in front of the main entrance. In addition, there are nine parking spaces for the disabled in the adjacent parking garage, which are free of charge for Philharmonie visitors.


Unfortunately, the Loft is not barrier-free. The venue is located on the 3rd floor of Wissmannstr. 30. The venue hall can only be reached via the staircase and not by elevator, so wheelchair access is not possible. For the restrooms (also 3rd floor) another step has to be overcome. Special seating can be arranged in the first row.


RYZON has a wheelchair accessible entrance. The concert will take place in the showroom (1st basement floor), which is accessible via stairs as well as a lift.

Stadtgarten (Concert Hall, Jaki, Open Air Stage, Green Room)

The Stadtgarten includes the Stadtgarten concert hall as well as a gastronomic area, the open air stage, the Green Room (also partly open air) and the Jaki. Wheelchair users please use the entrance at the corner of Spichernstraße/Venloer Straße. From there the way leads over a ramp into the Stadtgarten area. Some paths are at least in parts purely equipped with gravel floor. The path to the concert hall is gravel-free. The JAKI is a club in the basement and unfortunately only accessible by stairs. Right next to the concert hall on the ground floor, there is a disabled WC for the entire Stadtgarten area. The restroom is generously sized so that there is enough space for an assistant. For seated concerts, the concert hall has 2 wheelchair spaces. The corresponding seats in the hall are marked. Seating at the two open air stages is flexible. The Stadtgarten does not have its own parking spaces.

St. Agnes

The interior of the church is accessible to wheelchair users via a ramp at the main entrance. The restrooms are accessible for wheelchair users, but not large enough for an additional assistant. Disabled parking spaces are not available. Special seats in the concert hall can be arranged.

St. Kunibert

The interior of the church is accessible to wheelchair users via a ramp at the main entrance. There are no restrooms. Disabled parking spaces are available. Special seating in the concert hall can be arranged.

WDR Funkhaus (KVB Hall)

The building and the hall are accessible for wheelchair users. The hall and the visitors’ area are located on the ground floor. There is a disabled WC with enough space for one assistant. There are no parking spaces for disabled persons. There are 3 wheelchair seats in the first row of the auditorium, and a corresponding seat for an assistant in the row behind (special ticket required).


The YUCA is located directly next to the Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld (CBE); for more information see CBE.


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