17.08.2023 23:00

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek: Sufi Dub Brothers

One looks like a Sicilian and is celebrated as the “Madlib from the Waterkant”. The other is the son of a sitar master, who then also learned this Indian stringed instrument from his father. Together, the DJ and operator of Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, Viktor Marek, and the Pakistani Ashraf Sharif Khan are the Sufi Dub Brothers, who have been rocking every dance floor in the world for a good ten years with a crude mix of hip hop, beats, R&B, global pop, some techno and house.

together with Kassa Overall, ØKSE
together with Kassa Overall, ØKSE

Ashraf Sharif Khan – sitar

Viktor Marek – electr, voc



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