16.08.2023 20:00

Ruth Goller – SKYLLA

In Greek mythology, Scylla is the daughter of the nymph Krataiis and is wooed by the sea god Glaukos. Because Scylla does not return the wooing, Glaukos wants to be healed by the sorceress Kirke. But Kirke is jealous and poisons the waters in which Scylla likes to swim. After she rises from the water there, six dog heads and twelve dog feet grow out of her abdomen – and Scylla eats everything that lives and comes within her reach. London-based, South Tyrol-born electric bassist and composer Ruth Goller also named her solo project after this sea monster. Together with singers Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant, she plays adventurous, dangerous, dystopian music that seems to be inspired by Eastern European folk music as well as European and American free jazz.

together with
together with

Ruth Goller – eb, voc

Alice Grant – voc

Lauren Kinsella – voc



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