17.08.2023 22:30


Last year, Chicago saxophonist Isaiah Collier, born in 1998, was already convincing in his quartet The Chosen Few with a rousing, high-energy jazz that celebrates the forefathers of this music – above all, of course, John Coltrane – but without losing sight of the future. Michael Shekwoaga Ode sits on the drum riser in Collier’s quartet; together they form the duo I AM. Two years ago, Collier and Ode recorded the album “Beyond”, with which they set a contemporary musical monument to two pioneering free jazz duo albums, “Interstellar Space” with Coltrane and Rashied and “Duo Exchange” Ali and Frank Lowe. With their intuitive interplay, Collier and Ode take their audience on a long journey that uncompromisingly unleashes the forces of the universe to carry their message to the world.

together with Mehdi Nassouli – Assala Trio
together with Mehdi Nassouli – Assala Trio

Isaiah Collier – sax

Michael Shekwoaga Ode – dr



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